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Download the team list and schedule in PDF format

We are a group of both experienced and inexperienced curlers who enjoy our Friday nights on the ice, and the social time following curling. We play with the goal to win, but this is not our primary focus. Rather, we enjoy the curling & the friends we have met through this sport.

Since we have a bye team for the second round, please reach out to the players on that team before resorting to the spare list


Team # Skip  Third  Second  Lead 
Serge Francoeur  Kristie Meiklejohn  Linda Francoeur  Neil Alderson 
Larry Arbour  Joanne Arbour  Lindsey Russell  Dave Percival 
Robynne Smith  Carrol White  Robert Nelson  Stan Yeo 
Gerry Cunningham  Linda Glover  Janice Lewis  Larry Corrick 
Paul Jenkins  Marylyn Jenkins  Steve Glover  Bev Woods 
Bill Russell  Mary Meiklejohn  Aidan Roberts  Jennifer Travale 
Ben Clifton  Chris Golden  Andrea Kovacs  John Heeringa